Using Slack as Your Alerting System

While architecting a system to power a business, “analytics” and “alerting” are core part of the whole process. Choosing the right tool is very essential. There are already various tools on the web, which are free for use. But majority of times the setup effort is usually high. It might seem small for big teams, but if you are a scaling start-up with a small engineering team, your major focus should be to ship features as fast as possible, and you are developing first-in-the-market products, which may iterate to something completely different very quickly, which puts effort required to setup alerting in question.

But on the other hand, analytics and alerts are important too, to understand how is our product doing in the real world. Otherwise you won’t know how to iterate, or whether to.

This is not just limited to product and business, but applies to engineering infrastructure too. You need continuous feedback on how your infra is coping up, and have regular analysis towards the expense…

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